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VSHOOTER Vibration Analysis Camera

Take a photo, do the measurements and get the MCP (Machine Condition Picture) to see the machine condition, if maintenance needed at a glance. Quick, easy to use, with automatic auto diagnosis system for beginners and experts.

The VSHOOTER is a comprehensive diagnostic tool a vibrometer that allows to know and to easily track the status of the more common rotating machines such as fans, pumps, screw compressors etc …

VShooter Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring analysis is one of the ways to monitor the health of rotating machinery in operation.

The objectives of this approach are:

  • reduce the number of stops on breakdowns;
  • increase the production tool reliability
  • increase the availability rate;
  • improve the management spare parts stocks

From the vibrations regularly collected on a rotating machine, vibration analysis is to detect any problems and to monitor their evolution in order to plan or postpone mechanical intervention.

Monitoring: the goal is to follow the evolution of a machine by comparing successive statements of its vibrations. A rising trend of some indicators compared to reference values constituting the signature, usually alert the technician on a probable malfunction. Ideally, the signature is established from a first measurement campaign on the new machine or revised;
Diagnosis: it implements more sophisticated mathematical tools. It allows to select the defective machine element causing the abnormal vibrations, detected during the monitoring..

To perform monitoring and automatic diagnosis of 75% of the most common defects, in a simply and friendly way, the VSHOOTER the first vibration analysis camera for you.

 VShooter Operation

vShooter Vibration Analysis Camera VB1ST

Take a photo, do the measurements and get the MCP (Machine Condition Picture) to see the machine condition at a glance. Quick, easy to use, with automatic auto diagnosis system for beginners and experts.

The VSHOOTER is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that allows to know and to easily track the status of the more common rotating machines such as fans, pumps, screw compressors etc …

The VSHOOTER VBS1T is much more than a innovation in the field of the vibrometers, it is a totaly new concept, a new way to do vibration monitoring and analysis. This new modern concept consists of creating automaticaly Machine Condition Pictures ( MCP) which can be saved and uploaded to a PC into a report with detailed vibration datas and trending curves. With a MCP you see immediatly the machine condition. After having done the second MCP on the same machine you’ll be able to follow the machine condition evolution on a trending curve.


The VSHOOTER VBS1T produces the MCP. The VSHOOTER VBS1T is a portable measuring device equiped with an external high quality accelerometer, an embedded camera, led stroboscope and pyrometer. A special software has been developped to get photos enhanced with informations. On every MCP appear the measuring points locations. The points appear in green, yellow, orange or red according to the classification of ISO 10816-3&7

  • The vibrations of newly installed machines are normally placed in this zone.
  • The machines whose vibrations are within this zone are normally considered acceptable for a long service life without any restrictions.
  • Machines whose vibrations are in this zone are normally considered unsuitable for long-term continuous service. In general, the machine can operate in these conditions for a limited time, until the opportunity arises to take corrective action where necessary.
  • The vibration values found in this area are normally considered significant enough to cause damage.

Every MCP with all the measurements related to can be stored in the memory of the VSHOOTER. Up to 1000 MCP can be stored and uploaded to a PC by mean of the USB cable supplied.

For measurements values within zone orange and red the V SHOOTER VBS1T automatically performs a self diagnosis and the FFT of the Velocity and the Acceleration. On the FFT screens the user is directed automaticaly to one of the 5 most common defects (75% of faults): unbalance, bearing schock and lubrication, alignment, foundation. In case of none of these defects being detected it is recommended to use a more power full analyzer.

On clicking on Point to mesure VShooter the table of all the measurements made on a machine will be displayed:



On clicking on Tableau des autodiagnostics the table of all the self diagnosis will be displayed:


On clicking on FFT Vshooter the FFT of the Velocity and Acceleration of all the measurements on alarm, orange and red according to ISO 10816-3&7, will be displayed. For the Velocity the 3 frequencies with the largest amplitude will also be displayed together with the self diagnosis.

As part of the preventive maintenance the VSHOOTER VBS1T allows for monitoring of rotating machines by performing for each measurement trends of 4 values:

Vibration Rms velocity 2(10)-1000 Hz in mm/s or inch/s according to ISO 10816-3&7
Vibration Rms acceleration 1000-10000 Hz in G
Vivration Crest acceleration 1000-10000 Hz


The VSHOOTER VBS1T has two operating modes : FUSION and MULTIMETER.

On the FUSION MODE the operator will create MCP’s as explained above.
On the MULTIMETER MODE the operator will only do measurements on the spot without creating MCP’s.

Technical Specification
Frequency range (2)10 to 1.000 Hz for vibration and 1.000 to 10.000 Hz for bearing
Reading unit RMS / Peak-Peak / Crest depending of measuring unit
Measuring unit Acceleration (g) / Velocity (mm/s or ips) / Displacement (μm or mil)
evaluation According to ISO 10816 Part 3 (from 120 rpm (2Hz))
Alarm FFT
spectrum 3200 lines, Hanning window and linear view
Temperature Infrared pyrometer, 0°C to +150°C (2,2°F to 302°F)
Stroboscope LED’s stroboscope, 60 RPM to 30.000 RPM
Camera High quality colored 640×480 pixels CMOS camera
Display High quality colored 640×480 pixels TFT screen with backlight
Keypad Sealed membrane
Housing ABS Plastic, IP54
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion with universal power charger or USB power
Battery life > 8 hours of typical use
External sensor 100 mV/g IEPE accelerometer (ICP) with magnet and flexible cable

Vibration Services

Vibration and noise can occur and prove problematic in almost any environment. From highly sensitive, uncontaminated, clean rooms to all types of manufacturing / industrial plants, the team at Logis-Tech have worked in most.

Working across the UK and Europe, Logis-Tech have worked with our clients in many different environments diagnosing, advising, and solving issues surrounding vibration and noise.

In order to quickly and efficiently resolve an issue or concern surrounding a noise or vibration problem, the vShooter Vibration Analysis Camera is the first vital piece of kit to learn the nature of the noise and vibration dynamics. Utilising a accelerometer and a microphone, the Logis-Tech team are competent and experienced in measuring and evaluating noise and vibration from low frequency to high frequency machine noise. We will identify the nature of a problem; misalignment, imbalance, etc,…. allowing for a swift and efficient solution to be developed.

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